Huizhou Tongxin Amusement Toys Co., Ltd. is located in Guangzhou, a first-tier city in China. With more than 100 employees on staff and more than 50,000 square meters of modern standard workshops, as well as the introduction of advanced equipment and technology at home and abroad, Tongxin Play has strong strength and is engaged in the design, production and sales of amusement equipment, and is a professional service provider of amusement parks and cultural tourism scenic spots.
1992: The founder of Tongxin amusement manufactured the first amusement equipment - teeter-totter with his hands, hammer and wrench.
1995: Tongxin amusement manufactured the combination slide, which is still shuttled in the park, bringing joy to generations of children.
2000: Tongxin amusement developed eight categories of products, a total of more than seventy kinds of non-powered amusement facilities.
2013: Tongxin amusement more than one hundred kinds of products sold to domestic and various provinces and regions, exported to South and Central America, Southeast Asia, the United States, Australia and other regions, and won the unanimous approval of customers.
2016: Tongxin Amusement's professional team of more than one hundred people, carefully customized to each customer, providing amusement park solutions nationwide.
2018: Tongxin amusement provides customers with more perfect services and more perfect solutions to make investors more successful.
2020: Tongxin amusement products are sold to more than 200 domestic and foreign regions with 1300 successful cases, becoming an influential brand in the local market.